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Avenue Eco is the result of 15 years of excellence in innovation and technology. Produced by a global company for global companies, it’s a set of flexible and human-centered products for time, attendance, and productivity management; recruiting and hiring; and the full sales cycle.

Image of our founder Amir Razmara. About Avenue Eco.

Amir Razmara

Founder and CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Image of our founder Zeo Solomon. About Avenue Eco.

Zeo Solomon

Founder and CSO (Chief Strategy Officer)

Our Founders

Amir Razmara and Zeo Solomon are the founders of Avenue Eco and Avenue Code,  a renowned technology consultancy trusted by Fortune 100 companies. For years, they searched the market for products that would meet the demands of a multinational enterprise, but they could not find complete solutions that truly minimized the manual labor and bureaucratic stresses so common to HR and CRM technologies.

This gap inspired them to utilize their consulting expertise to create a suite of three strategic and innovative solutions for global management that support a people-first work culture. Experience into serving top companies globally – combined with Avenue Code’s own expansion into South America, Canada, and Europe – has given the consultancy first-hand knowledge of common organizational pain points.

Avenue Eco exists to meet the demands of companies with diverse needs around the world. Our solutions provide the right management tools to support global business expansion and a healthy, balanced lifestyle for employees living anywhere in the world.



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Talent Acquisition
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Get in touch and and see what we can do for your business – no strings attached!

Get in touch and and see what we can do for your business – no strings attached!