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Meet flexible and innovative solutions strategically made to support global management and a people-first work culture

Meet the best solutions for your company

A flexible and agile solution to manage employees’ journeys globally.

Monitor Employee Well-Being

Unlock career journeys with actionable insights

Ensure Timesheet Compliance for All Contracts

Eliminate HR's manual labour and automate reports

Avenue Engage, everything you need on one platform!

An innovative Talent Acquisition platform to hire the best with agility.

Boost your recruitment team perfomance

Publish job openings in multiple platforms

Get more efficiency with a Talent Pool

Track your pipeline velocity

An intuitive Client Relationship Management software to increase your sales.

Create tasks and interaction logs

Automate sales processes

Visualize leads in your funnel

Bring the human dynamic to the flow

We use the technology in your favor

Flexibility is at our core. Our solutions are created with a Low-code, No-code method that reduces the time spent on implementation and makes room for easy customization or creation of new features.

Produced by a global company, for global companies

Created by the same founders of Avenue Code, Avenue Eco is the result of 15 years of excellence in innovation and technology. Our solutions are used globally to manage workforces and empower HR teams.

Co-created with RH and Sales professionals

All Avenue Eco solutions are co-created in partnership with professionals who experience day-to-day business management in different countries. The result is people-centered features that are up-to-date with the market and truly address the pains of teams around the world.

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