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To schedule a demonstration of our products or to speak to one of our specialists about Avenue Eco’s solutions, you can email Our team will reply within a maximum of 2 business days.

To discuss other matters, you can contact us by sending an email to Your message will be replied to within a maximum of 5 days. If you are already an Avenue Eco client and wish to discuss any issues related to your account, please contact our support team through the Help Center located on the product platforms.

Avenue Eco is a startup created by the founders of Avenue Code, the leading software consultancy delivering end-to-end development solutions for digital transformation. With 15 years of experience and with offices in the United States, Brazil, Portugal, and Canada, Avenue Code felt the need to create its own employee management software that was complete and adaptable to all labor laws in different countries. Thus, Avenue Eco was born with its three products: Avenue Engage (online timesheet management), Avenue Expand (talent acquisition) and Avenue Exceed (CRM for sales).

We are very concerned about information security. All Avenue Eco products follow the strictest security standards and are aligned with the LGPD law for the security of the confidentiality of your company and employee data. We use the GCP server (Google Cloud Platform), and all your data is saved in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere.

Avenue Engage is an online timesheet management system. With it, your company saves time and money with employee time tracking, ensures security with data saved in the cloud, avoids labor lawsuits, and gives the HR team time to take care of more strategic matters.

Yes! Avenue Engage is a secure software that keeps your company within the law according to the location of each member of your team.

With Avenue Engage, you have a customizable platform for your company’s needs! Some key benefits include:

  • Real-time monitoring of hours worked by full-time and part-time employees, contractors, and freelancers, allowing the recording of hours for more than one project or activity;
  • Vacation and refund requests can be made in a practical and intuitive way, with an approval flow directed to team managers;
  • Complete reports that speed up payroll closing and avoid errors or surprises at the end of the month;
  • Easy management of the workday of hybrid teams living anywhere in the world. It is a flexible platform, able to adapt to the calendar and legislation of different regions.
  • And much more!

You can access the system from your computer, through your preferred browser, or through our app available for both Android and iOS.

Billing is due monthly or annually based on the number of active employees on the platform. If new employees are hired, the monthly fee will increase by the amount corresponding to the plan. In the case of dismissals, the monthly fee will decrease by the corresponding amount per employee. 

Besides the monthly fee, there are no additional costs to use Avenue Engage. We do not charge for system implementation or any other service like help desk issues.

You can purchase the plan that best suits you directly on our website, or you can send us a message using the form on the right side, and one of our specialists will contact you to provide more information.

Just send us a message through the form on the side requesting a trial period, and we’ll contact you to create an account for you to get to know our system without commitment and at no cost 🙂