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What does my company gain by implementing Avenue Engage?

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Decrease in HR team work by eliminating bureaucratic processes.
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Reduction in human error thanks to a time tracking system that updates in real time and allows you to close payroll in a few clicks, avoiding surprises at the end of the month.
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Within the law. Avenue Engage is adaptable to the laws of particular geographies and brings security with data saved in the cloud.
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Increase in on-time timesheet submissions.

Avenue Engage

Everything you need in one place.

Time Tracking for All

  • Manage employees living anywhere in the world;
  • Clock-in/out for full-time employees, contractors, and freelancers;
  • Register via facial recognition (optional).

Customizable Reports

  • Access complete management reports;
  • Extract information on hours worked, vacations, overtime hours, reimbursements, and more;
  • All available for download as PDFs or exportable to Excel.

Mood Meter

  • With a simple touch of the screen, employees can express how they're feeling on a daily basis;
  • Get a more accurate view of your team's mental health and prevent possible burnout;
  • Give HR comprehensive visibility of the company, avoiding management problems.


  • Enable your employees to sign documents safely online, using their own cell phones;
  • Improve the efficiency and ease of daily processes.


  • Schedule your team’s vacations according to their geographical labor laws;
  • Allow employees to make vacation requests to managers and the HR team;
  • Approve or deny vacation requests directly from your computer or cell phone.


  • Facilitate expense management with an intuitive reimbursement approval process;
  • Improve financial security and information accuracy;
  • All in a few clicks.


  • Streamline your process for closing payroll;
  • Keep your financial processes always up to date.

Leaves of Absence

  • Control employees’ absence requests in an automated, fast, and timely manner;
  • Allow your team to send medical leave of absence letters directly from their cell phones as photos or PDFs.

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Avenue Engage gives you access to complete management reports. Extract information on timesheets, vacations, overtime hours, and more – all in real time! Reports are available for download as PDFs and are also exportable to Excel.

And much more!

Avenue Engage Chronos allows all employees to clock in on a single office device. Chronos replaces bureaucratic HR processes with an intuitive check-in where all data is immediately updated in the Engage system. This application also features clock-in and out via Facial Recognition to improve speed and accuracy.

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