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Expand your Talent Acquisition with 100% tailored recruitment experience, AI-powered talent discovery, and in-depth reporting.

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Craft Your Dream Recruitment Journey

Leverage AI Tools to Identify Top Talent Instantly

Level Up Your Hiring with Avenue Expand

Find the Perfect Fit, Faster 

Leverage AI Tools to Identify Top Talent Instantly

Tailor Recruitment to Your Needs

Craft Your Dream Recruitment Journey

Boost Performance to Perfection

Level Up Your Hiring with Avenue Expand

A Strategic Feature Set for Every Team

Avenue Expand is ready to empower every team size, from startups to global enterprises, to achieve maximum hiring efficiency.

Consultancy Firms

Expand’s AI-Powered Talent Pool page allows you to match a large talent pool with open positions at unparalleled speed.

“With the Recruiters Individual Dashboard I can easily collect data, see where I can improve on my process when searching for the perfect fit and what I can negotiate with the client regarding the position itself.”

Ana Moreira

Talent Acquisition Technical Ambassador

Leverage Expand’s AI tools, smart reports, and intuitive interface to hire top talent quickly – even with a small team.

AI-powered email generation significantly expedited my process of crafting invitation descriptions. Now, I can save valuable time by quickly creating tailored invitations.”

Renata Santos

Talent Acquisition Sourcer

Use Recruitment Funnel Reports to get comprehensive insights into your team’s efforts for each tech stack.

 “Expand’s reports empower us to identify bottlenecks in the recruitment process for each tech stack, allowing for targeted interventions to optimize workflows and enhance productivity.

Renata Santos

Global Talent Acquisition Sourcer at Avenue Code

Instantly find the perfect candidate with Expand’s AI Turbo Search. Tailor your hiring for global reach with a multilingual platform and advanced reports with language/geography-based filters.

Used in +22 countries. Available in 4 languages.

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An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is software designed for efficient recruitment management. It streamlines hiring by handling job postings, applications, communication, and reporting all in one place.

Avenue Expand goes beyond traditional applicant tracking systems. Developed with renowned HR staffing experts, it leverages cutting-edge AI for an AI-powered recruitment experience. This means you get a 100% customizable solution with AI-powered talent discovery and in-depth reporting. Request a demo to see how it works!

Avenue Expand was born global. Hire anywhere in the world and get global support.

Expand’s open API allows you to streamline your recruitment process by connecting to virtually any application at no additional cost. Additionally, benefit from pre-built integrations with popular platforms like Checkr, HackerRank, and Google Workplace.

Unlike standard per-vacancy pricing, we create personalized quotes based on your team’s size and needs. You only pay for what you need, ensuring a tailored recruitment solution that works for your team.

Avenue Expand’s high-end technology enables quick data import from old systems and fast implementation. Additionally, a product specialist is dedicated to assisting you throughout the entire process.

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