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Build Winning Teams. Powered by AI.

Empower your people to reach their full potential. Effortlessly streamline and automate processes – anywhere in the world.

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An ecosystem of solutions that seamlessly adapt to your company’s unique operations. Equipping startups to enterprises.

The next generation of HR management

HR Automation Studio
Boost HR efficiency by effortlessly automating processes, triggering actions in other apps, and adding segmented conditions. Tailored for your team. No add-on required.
Reduce paperwork and improve the employee experience with easy automations, native new hire forms, and e-signature.
Empower your workforce and unlock their full potential with a complete Development Suite – 1:1s, Feedback hub, Performance Reviews, and more.
Gain global visibility on time & attendance and simplify requests & PTO management with Avenue Eco’s flexible system.
+10 reports. Uncover valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with Engage’s HR analytics and reporting.

The AI way to hire

AI-Powered Talent Pool - Turbo Search
Find the right candidate instantaneously with Expand’s AI-powered turbo search, directly from your Talent Pool.
Let AI do the heavy lifting – identify top talent quickly and easily with the ranking provide by Expand’s job-candidate matching tool.
Access individually tailored reports. Crafted by Recruiting Experts to boost each recruiter to achieve their highest potential.
Build 100% adaptable recruitment pipelines that fit your needs perfectly with Expand’s flexible pipeline builder.
Boost recruiter productivity and free up time for strategic initiatives with Avenue Eco’s AI-driven tools, including email generation, candidate summaries, and more.


Easily integrate with other apps and trigger streamlined automations

What Makes our Costumers Love Avenue Eco

REAL Autonomy

Empower HR with Easy to Use, No-Code Tools for Automation & Optimization.

REAL Autonomy

Empower HR with Easy to Use, No-Code Tools for Automation & Optimization.

Open API

Integrate Avenue Eco with Your Favorite Business Tools.

AI - Empowered Teams

Equip Your Team with Eco AI to Gain Agility, Personalize Experiences, & Make Data-Driven Decisions.

Smooth Scaling

Flexible Solutions Designed for Continuous Evolution, Ready for Startups to Enterprises.

Made for People

Experience technology designed for everyone. Enjoy intuitive interfaces and adaptable platforms.

Global Support

Simplify global management with multilingual platforms adaptable to specific regulations.

Protected Employee Data

Secure Cloud Storage & Multi-Level Access for Enhanced Security.

People & Tech Experts

Born in San Francisco, CA, Avenue Eco solutions were developed by the same founders behind the leading IT multinational, Avenue Code, leveraging over 15 years of technological excellence.


Eco AI is leveraging top-notch technology to empower HR & Talent Acquisition teams with unrivaled AI-Powered efficiency. Equipping all team members, regardless of technical expertise.

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